Loudoun County Democratic Committee - Request for Yard Signs




Please read our 'Care and Feeding' document about optimizing your sign's placement, ordering replacement signs, and LCDC's program to return / recycle your signs.

To request yard signs for the Democratic candidates, please enter your information below:

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not have campaign offices open to the public. To provide yardsigns this year, we are taking requests and will contact you to arrange for delivery or pickup.  The starred (*) fields are required.


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Address - Please note that we are providing signs for use in Loudoun County only.
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To help us assign your request to the closest delivery volunteer, please indicate where you normally vote / polling place (preferred), or a nearby major intersection.
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Federal Yard Signs - All sign types are now available. Please specify your preferences.


Leesburg Yard Signs - Signs are available for the Leesburg Town Council Candidates.


Multiple Signs - Were you hoping to obtain more than one of a particular type of sign??

Our policy has been to provide one sign per type per name/address. An upcoming FAQ will explain why. However, we would be happy to talk about it with you, and see what we can do. Note that one each of several different types doesn't count as a 'multi'.


Briefly explain how you would use multiple signs:


Large Road Signs, Bumper Stickers, and Swag

If your property is on a main artery, has good visibility, and ample traffic, you may qualify for a 4x4 or 4x8 large road sign.


Notes / Placement Instructions, etc.: